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"Chipnitsa" Folk Dance Club
About FDC Chipnitsa

Folk Dance Club "Chipnitsa" Stara Zagora is headed by choreographers Christo and Vesselina Sheytanova who have extensive experience and a long experience in the field of Bulgarian folk dance. In Club Chipnitsa studying at various and dances and koombinatsii that the idea of ​​choreographers. The atmosphere in the club is always very pleasant, thanks to all who want to learn the secret of Bulgarian folklore, horo and ratchenitsa.
Folk Dance Club "Chipnitsa" created 12.02.2009 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria from former dancers in ACS Stara Zagora and a group of enthusiasts - local residents who wish to dance for emotional health and our beautiful Bulgarian folk dances.

At "Chipnitsa" we already understand and folk dancing about 70 people. We work not only for pleasure but also for performances on stage as well as participation in various local and international competitions and festivals.

If you are looking for health and recreation, new friends, want to escape from boredom and stress, learn to dance our beautiful folk people come here to enjoy folk-dance club "Chipnitsa."

Rehearsals are held in the fifth elementary school "Mityo Stanev" Stara Zagora - gymnasium as follows:

Beginners: Tuesday and Friday - 18:15 to 19:50 pm
Advanced: Wednesday and Friday - 18:15 to 19:50 pm


Hristo Sheitanov - 0898 661 015
Facebook page of the dance club "Chipnitsa" - Stara Zagora
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